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Product Description
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Further detailsProduct GroupNet WeightBox Quantity
24" Eclipse Sash ClampEclipse Cat- ESC24BASIN WRENCH SWIVEL TYPE2.121
30" Eclipse Sash ClampEclipse Cat- ESC30BASIN WRENCH SWIVEL TYPE2.351
36" Eclipse Sash ClampEclipse Cat- ESC36BASIN WRENCH SWIVEL TYPE2.601
42" Eclipse Sash ClampEclipse Cat- ESC42BASIN WRENCH SWIVEL TYPE2.901
48" Eclipse Sash ClampEclipse Cat- ESC48BASIN WRENCH SWIVEL TYPE3.001
66" Eclipse Sash ClampEclipse Cat- ESC66BASIN WRENCH SWIVEL TYPE3.801
3M Hose To Suit Gas25,Gas50,Gas50MpBosch Cat- 2609390392BOSCH HOLESAWS0.301
12.5mm Eclipse Button MagnetCat-E821 CardedBUTTON MAGNET0.0110
20mm Eclipse Button MagnetCat-E822 CardedBUTTON MAGNET0.0210
22.2mm Eclipse Button Magnet.Cat-E825 CardedBUTTON MAGNET0.0510
25mm Eclipse Button MagnetCat-E823 CardedBUTTON MAGNET0.0510
31.8mm Eclipse Button MagnetCat-E824 CardedBUTTON MAGNET0.015
14 mm Eclipse Disc Magnet.Cat-Cm700R (Card Of 10)DISC MAGNET0.0410
20mm Eclipse Disc Magnet.Cat-Cm701R (Card Of 10)DISC MAGNET0.041
30mm Eclipse Disc Magnet.Cat-Cm702RDISC MAGNET0.161
5 X 5mm Eclipse Earthing Magnet.Cat-M29199EARTHING CLAMP0.011
41mm Eclipse Plus 30 HolesawCat - Ebv-30-41ECL.HOLE SAW0.201
Eclipse H/D Lazy Tong RiveterHeavy Duty Cat 2750HDECL/SPIRALUX HVY-DUTY RIVETER OFFE0.801
Eclipse H/D Spare Jaw Kit (Pk5)Eclipse Cat 02738-HDECL/SPIRALUX HVY-DUTY RIVETER OFFE0.101
Eclipse H/D Spare Nose Kit 3mmEclipse Cat 02738A-HDECL/SPIRALUX HVY-DUTY RIVETER OFFE0.101

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