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Product Description
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Further detailsProduct GroupNet WeightBox Quantity
NTS Gesipa Ind. Riveting KitPart No 7541060BLIND RIVET & RIVET NUT KITS2.151
GBM10 Gesipa Rivet Nut Hand ToolC/W M5 Mdl & N/Pce Cat - 7200013BLIND RIVET GUNS & TOOLS0.711
GBM5 Gesipa Rivet Nut Hand ToolPart No 7230028BLIND RIVET GUNS & TOOLS0.601
GBM95 Gesipa Rivet Nut Air ToolC/W M6 Mdl & N/Pce Cat - 7270143BLIND RIVET GUNS & TOOLS4.001
Gesipa "Flipper" Riveting ToolPart No 7010001BLIND RIVET GUNS & TOOLS0.751
Gesipa GBM 30 Rivet Nut GunCust B248BLIND RIVET GUNS & TOOLS2.101
Hn2 Gesipa Lever Riveting ToolPart No 7130015BLIND RIVET GUNS & TOOLS2.141
HN2BT Gesipa Hand RiveterRef: 7130023BLIND RIVET GUNS & TOOLS1.851
NTS Gesipa Hand Riveting ToolBlister Pack - Part No 7030029BLIND RIVET GUNS & TOOLS1.001
NTS Gesipa Hand Riveting Tool Boxed7030010BLIND RIVET GUNS & TOOLS1.001
NTX Gesipa Hand Riveting ToolPart No 7050011BLIND RIVET GUNS & TOOLS0.681
NTX-F Gesipa Hand Riveting ToolPart No 7050054BLIND RIVET GUNS & TOOLS0.691
PH1 Gesipa Riveting Air ToolPart No 7160011BLIND RIVET GUNS & TOOLS1.671
PH1-L 'Gesipa' Riveting Air Tooln/aBLIND RIVET GUNS & TOOLS1.181
PH2 Air Riveter Plus Vas SystemPart No 7170033BLIND RIVET GUNS & TOOLS2.261
PH2 Gesipa Riveting Air ToolPart No 717 0017BLIND RIVET GUNS & TOOLS1.831
PH2000 Gesipa Riveting Air ToolPart No 715 0016BLIND RIVET GUNS & TOOLS2.771
Phi-L 'Gesipa' Riveting Air ToolPart No 7160119BLIND RIVET GUNS & TOOLS1.181
SN2 Gesipa Laxy Rong Rivet ToolPart No 7120028BLIND RIVET GUNS & TOOLS2.431
SN2 Gesipa Lazy Tong Rivet ToolPart No 712 0028BLIND RIVET GUNS & TOOLS2.431

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