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Product Description
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Further detailsProduct GroupNet WeightBox Quantity
1.1/2" Blt Alum Slate Pegn/aALUM SLATE PEG4.96500
2" Blt Alum Slate Peg6.9mm DiameterALUM SLATE PEG6.61500
40 X 260mm Sds Plus Angled Tile2608690091 Bosch ChiselBOSCH1.001
50 X 300mm SDS-Max Tile ChiselBosch 2608690098BOSCH ACCESSORIES0.801
Bosch 5 X 65mm Glass/Tile DrillCat-2608596350 (2608587159)BOSCH ACCESSORIES0.101
Bosch 6 X 80mm Glass/Tile DrillCat-2608596351 (2608587161)BOSCH ACCESSORIES0.001
Bosch 7 X 70mm Glass/Tile DrillCat-2608596352BOSCH ACCESSORIES0.101
Bosch 8 X 70mm Glass/Tile DrillCat-2608593353BOSCH ACCESSORIES0.101
Tile Laser, 3 Lines, Max 20 M WithBosch Cat-Gtl3BOSCH BENCH TOP SAWS0.751
Bosch Glass Tile Bit 3mm X 65mmBosch Cat 2608587157BOSCH SDS MAX BITS0.015
12" No51 Peg-Tooth Bowsaw BladeBahco Cat-5112 (Dry Cut)BOWSAW BLADE 510.041
21" No51 Peg-Tooth Bowsaw BladesBahco Cat-5121 (Dry Cut)BOWSAW BLADE 510.101
24" No51 Peg-Tooth Bowsaw BladeBahco Cat-5124 (Dry Cut)BOWSAW BLADE 510.101
30" No51 Peg-Tooth Bowsaw BladeBahco Cat-5130 (Dry Cut)BOWSAW BLADE 510.101
36" No51 Peg-Tooth Bowsaw BladeBahco Cat-5136 (Dry Cut)BOWSAW BLADE 510.101
17" *Red* 3-Tray Cantilever ToolTalco Ref-Cb3/17 BoxCANTILEVER TOOL4.001
17" *Red* 5-Tray Cantilever ToolTalco Ref-Cb5/17 BoxCANTILEVER TOOL5.501
22" *Red* 3-Tray Cantilever Tool'Talco' Ref-Cb3/22 BoxCANTILEVER TOOL5.001
22" *Red* 5-Tray Cantilever Tool'Talco' Cat-Cb5/22 Box.CANTILEVER TOOL7.001
Carbide Grit Blade For TilesOne Per CardErr:5120.201

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